Key solutions

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      Various stakeholders of the mobile financial services market: banks, mobile network operators, retailers, infrastructure services providers can act as wallet providers and grant mobile phone users access to different service providers

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      The solution based on PrimeKitTM platform is designed for offering mobile banking services, which include traditional ones: checking account status, statements issuance, making payments and remittances, opening deposits, etc.

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      A contactless cloud mobile payment service: Visa PayWave or MasterCard PayPass can be offered to bank customers who use Android mobile devices with software version 4.4 or higher and enabled with NFC

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      The solution based on PrimeKitTM platform is designed to purchase public transport tickets with a mobile phone emulating plastic contactless card as specified by Mifare4Mobile

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    • 2017-06-07
      Company news

      Pri-Num Announces Visa Ready Token Service Provider Status

      Today, Pri-Num Ltd., an award-winning United Kingdom-based digital payments and mobile wallet platform provider, has confirmed that it is now recognised as a Visa Ready Qualified Token Service Provider. Visa Token Service (VTS) is a new type of security technology replacing sensitive account information with a unique digital identifier token which permits payments to be processed without exposing actual account details.

    • 2016-11-07

      PriNum. An overview

      PriNum is an innovator of financial and added-value mobile services. PriNum’s unique digital issuance and wallet platform enables retailers, mobile operators, banks and transport companies to deliver secure mobile payments and digital products rapidly and without big investments into infrastructure and existing systems. 

    • 2016-03-21
      Company news