FIDO Bank and PriNum are the first to launch Visa Cloud-Based payments using HCE technology in Ukraine



PriNum has developed mobile contactless payments system for FIDO Bank - the first among the Ukrainian banks. The bank is now one step ahead of its competitors in the field of mobile commerce. Ukrainians are now able to easily, quickly and safely pay with a tap of a smartphone.


10 March 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine – Digital enablement and mobile wallet platform provider, PriNum and FIDO Bank have launched the first in Ukraine Visa Cloud-Based payments using Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology via a new bank mobile payment application (The PAY). Following an installation and a one-time enrollment process of The PAY on an NFC-enabled Android device any Ukrainian citizen can make fast and secure contactless payments at NFC capable POS terminals.

There is no need to visit a bank branch to open an account or open a bank application to make a payment, customers should simply unlock the mobile device and wave their smartphone in front of a contactless POS terminal. Merchants and businesses that are already taking payment cards using Visa payWave technology do not need to install additional software or hardware to set POS terminals. “We have tried to build it around the principles of being simple, being rewarding and being secure both for customers and for merchants,” said Grigory Roginsky, director of PriNum.


 The PAY application has the following features:

  • Contactless payment can be made using a mobile phone at any Visa payWave terminal
  • Three safety levels that exclude possibility of fraudulent payments
  • A digital card can be obtained without visiting a bank or opening a bank account


Visa cloud-based mobile payment program is implemented by Visa and FIDO in partnership with PriNum and supported by PayForce, FIDO Bank partner providing transaction business management and project implementation services. Visa FIDO The PAY application is powered by the PrimeKit TM - a token-ready and digital enablement software platform developed by PriNum for secure contactless mobile services.

Remarkably, it is the first mobile payments project that has been launched in cooperation with a merchant – ‘Retail Group’ (a retail group that owns a nation-wide network of supermarkets Velyka KysheniaTM , Velmart TM, VK ExpressTM). All the clients who download The PAY application will get a one-time bonus deposited into their digital card account and cash-back for every purchase made with their mobile device.


“Consumer uptake of mobile payments will be correlated to the value add obtained from using mobile phones. Loyalty, which has already demonstrated to be a key factor in driving consumer payment choice, will be just as important for the acceptance of mobile payments,” added Mr. Roginsky.