NFC Technology


NFC (Near Field Communication) - short-range (up to 10 cm) and high-frequented wireless communication technology that allows contactless data exchange between devices. For example: between credit card terminals and mobile phones or plastic smart cards.

Today the leading players of the world market such as Google, Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Visa, MasterCard, Citigroup, Barclaycard and others are actively involved in the development and implementation of NFC.

Global "mobilization" of the society and the introduction of NFC-chip directly onto the mobile phone aid in promoting mass introduction of NFC services. Hence a mobile phone with an integrated NFC-chip turns into a multi-purpose device, acting as:

  • Payment tool (virtual wallet)
  • Identification tool
  • A key
  • A loyalty car
  • A ticket

At the same time, operating large data volumes, NFC-chip also provides them safely stored when necessary encrypting them.

Telecom operators, handset manufacturers, the banking sector and other payment systems are increasingly deploying contactless payments. Currently NFC-solutions are already applied in many areas: with the help of this technology reservations and sale of electronic tickets are made, payment for using public transport, parking, NFC-technology is widely used in retail and entertainment.

It's safe to say that in the nearest future, this technology will definitely enter our day-to-day lives - just like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB. A mobile phone, in turn, will help to unleash the full potential of NFC technology not only taking on the entire functionality of options and services that a smart card provides, but also offering its own unique "mobile" features.