Increasing customers’ demands to have banking services available "anytime, anywhere" and dynamic entry of new players - global IT-companies, telecom operators - into the financial services market, increase the necessity of introduction of bank mobile applications. Banks should make the most of their advantages: loyal customer base, reputation of the most secure payment services providers, lending opportunities. 

On the basis of its market strategy, banks decide what services they are willing to offer their customers, what role in the ecosystem they are taking on and what market participants they are collaborating with. Banks may offer payment services only, or include other banking services, and in its all-encompassing model, bank can offer third-party services on its behalf. Additionally, the bank may own mobile wallet independently or together with other members of the ecosystem, or to offer its services in the third party wallet.  

Using PriNum’s products and services, banks can make the best decisions and implement them effectively, increasing the competitive advantage and customer loyalty.