Transport operators

For transport operators that already have an infrastructure for validation of contactless payments or travel smartcards implementing fare payment services using mobile phone technology and NFC seems as a natural next step to merge the ease and speed of contactless services with interactivity.

Personalized communication between a traveller and a transport operator opens up a number of additional opportunities, allowing, for example, to implement various loyalty programs, to use a flexible charging system for reducing congestion at the most popular directions or routes with a temporarily limited capacity.

Next Generation Ticketing In Public Transport

Today, the vast majority of Automated Fare Collection (AFC) schemes are closed-loop, card-centric and based on proprietary implementations. Therefore AFC schemes between two different countries and sometimes even within one single country are not interoperable. This negatively impacts the customer experience and hinders a seamless travel experience.

Please, take a look at our point of view on the current situation in the industry and on the changes to be made in the Next Generation AFC Transport Systems

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