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Secure and scalable

Consumer businesses face a fast growing need for digital solutions to enable a multitude of services on connected devices with the use of credentials including payment, loyalty, identity cards.

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Pri-Num offers secure and scalable solutions for payments, banking, retail, transport, sports and entertainment based on the Digital Enablement Platform.

Markets we serve



Mobile network operators offer a digital wallet enabling them to make contactless payments from their mobile account and further allowing them to determine other service providers they add to their wallets.



Retailers offer contactless payments and loyalty related services: such as loyalty and gift cards; mobile coupons and offers; virtual checks and location based information.


Transport operators

Transport network operators offer contactless access and payment services and ticket or pass storage.


Sports and entertainment

Sports and entertainment operators offer contactless transactions, contactless access and ticket and pass storage services.


Financial institutions

Financial institutions offer online, in-app and in-store contactless payments and a range of payment related services.


The digital solutions are offered to consumers – the end users – by the companies they recognize and trust – the banks, retailers, mobile network operators and transport operators they deal with day-to-day.


Contactless payments using credit, debit and prepaid cards, issuing prepaid cards (credentials), and offering remote payments, including peer-to-peer.

Banking and financial

Account information and management, money movement, service and support, remote and proximity payments, and other value added services.


Loyalty cards, coupons, order delivery updates, reminders, receipts and warranties, notifications (e.g. for sales), gift cards.

Transport and transit

Authentication, access control, proximity payments, parking.

Sport and Entertainment

Authentication, access control, proximity payments, ticket storage, loyalty, member services.


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For the provider

a tool to obtain behavioural data and insights that offer opportunities for value added services, enhanced experiences and broader and more sophisticated offerings

an instrument to retain existing customers and capture new ones in a very competitive business environment.

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For the end-user

means to obtain valuable services before, during and after the transaction

data and identities are secure

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