PrimeKitTM platform enables owners of mobile devices with wallet to safely use digital keys to access different mobile services: payments for goods and services, loyalty programs, access controls, tickets.  

The platform allows existing mobile applications to access digitized cards stored in a secure domain or downloaded from a cloud storage, and use different technologies for contactless services: Near Field Communications ( NFC NFC (Near Field Communication) - short-range (up to 10 cm) and high-frequented wireless communication technology that allows contactless data exchange between devices. ), Host Card Emulation ( HCE Host Card Emulation (HCE) is the term describing on-device technology that permits a phone to perform card emulation on an Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled device without relying on access to a secure element. ), bar codes and QR-codes.  

The platform provides wallet and mobile device lifecycle management, access rights management and problem diagnostics.

HCE Technology Overview  (presentation pdf)