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  • Mobile network operators
    Mobile network operators

    A capability of mobile network operators to safely transfer data to mobile devices and a large customer base gives them a unique position in the mobile wallet ecosystem.

  • Markets
    Transport operators

    For transport operators that already have an infrastructure for validation of contactless payments or travel smartcards implementing fare payment services using mobile phone technology and NFC seems as a natural next step to merge the ease and speed of contactless services with interactivity.

  • Products

    PrimeKitTM platform enables owners of mobile devices with wallet to safely use digital keys to access different mobile services: payments for goods and services, loyalty programs, access controls, tickets.  

  • Solutions

    A contactless cloud mobile payment service: Visa PayWave or MasterCard PayPass can be offered to bank customers who use Android mobile devices with software version 4.4 or higher and enabled with NFC

  • Technologies
    NFC Technology

    Near Field Communication (NFC) - short-range and high-frequented wireless communication technology that allows contactless data exchange between devices. 

  • Presentations
    HCE Technology Overview

    Convenient and secure control over digital valuables and safe NFC transactions with a mobile device. 

  • Technologies
    Mobile application + PrimeKit platform = mWallet

    PrimeKitTM platform tools allow any mobile application under Android 4.4 KitKat and higher versions to deploy contactless payments, access, transport allowances functionality or simply turn it into an mWallet.

  • Company news
    Georgia to launch HCE-payments based on the Ukrainian solution

    JSC "VTB Bank (Georgia)" in collaboration with ViSA is the first Georgian bank set to launch launch mobile contactless payment service based on Visa Cloud-Based Payments requirements and using PrimeKitTM platform developed by PriNum (Ukraine).


  • Company news
    Ukrainian IT startup to have attended Collision Conference (Las Vegas, NV)

    PriNum (Prime Numbers) is the first Ukrainian IT startup to have attended Collision Conference (Las Vegas, NV), which attracts representatives from Google, Facebook, Nasdaq, Forbes, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

  • Company news
    VTB Georgia and PriNum launch the first NFC-based mobile payments in CIS countries

    Digital issuance and open wallet platform provider, PriNum, and VTB bank Georgia have launched the first NFC mobile payments bank application in Georgia and CIS countries. The application, Mobile Pay, is the new mobile application for NFC-enabled Android devices. Mobile Pay will allow bank clients to make contactless payments at NFC capable POS terminals. 

  • Company news
    FIDO Bank and PriNum are the first to launch Visa Cloud-Based payments using HCE technology in Ukraine


    PriNum has developed mobile contactless payments system for FIDO Bank - the first among the Ukrainian banks. The bank is now one step ahead of its competitors in the field of mobile commerce. Ukrainians are now able to easily, quickly and safely pay with a tap of a smartphone.

  • Presentations
    mWallet - demo

    mWallet demo for download (supports Android OS 2.3 or later version)