Minsk, Belarus, November 19th

Minsk, Belarus, November 19th, 2019

On November 19, the BPS-Sberbank launched Apple Pay payment system jointly with Visa and Mastercard in Belarus.

“Today, the customers of BPS-Sberbank say “Vitaju!” (Hello) to Apple Pay, and we are pleased to announce its availability for everyone,” said Igor Merkulov, Chairman of the Board of the BPS-Sberbank
Apple Pay is a convenient and secure payment method that uses only an individual device number and a unique transaction code. The customer’s card number is not stored on the device or servers and is not transmitted to sellers when paying.

After the launch of Apple Pay, the cardholders of the BPS-Sberbank will be able to receive a full range of services and benefits by paying contactless using their Apple devices.
Thus, the BPS-Sberbank became the first bank to launch Apple Pay in Belarus. This breakthrough is important not only for the region but also for the entire contactless payment industry.


Photo by Alexander Nikolaychuk

According to Visa, Belarus is the second country by the number of contactless transactions in the SEMEA region, and Minsk is among the three world leaders in contactless payment used for public transport, on a par with London and Vancouver.

“Security, speed and comfort of payments for users is our main goal. We are confident that the launch of Apple Pay is an important step that will become a powerful driver for the development of the entire payment ecosystem,” said Svetlana Chirva, Visa’s regional manager in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.


Photo by Artyom Smirnov

Mastercard also joins in the congratulations on the launch of Apple Pay, announcing the month of gifts for BPS-Sberbank users.

“We are constantly working to ensure that Mastercard cardholders have access to the most advanced payment innovations and interesting attractive offers from our payment system,” Nina Willems, Managing Director of Mastercard in Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. “One-touch payment at the terminal holding smartphone or another smart device is simple and safe, and it is a convenient advantage that a bank card provides,” she said. “Technologies help us to save time and to solve many everyday tasks. We congratulate everybody on the launch of Apple Pay in Belarus and are pleased that Mastercard cardholders now have an even wider choice of payment methods for their purchases.”

Pri-Num took an active part in the Apple Pay project in cooperation with BPS-Sberbank, Visa and Mastercard in Belarus. The task of Pri-Num was the technical implementation of the project.

“We are just so happy to be involved in the launch of mobile payments in another European country.
We are confident that the successfully implemented project of BPS-Sberbank will serve as an excellent start for the introduction of Apple Pay technology by other banks of Belarus. Our congratulations to Belarus, the team and partners. We did it!” – claims the Pri-Num team.

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