Contactless payments for Unibank


Pri-Num and Unibank, in cooperation with Mastercard, have introduced contactless payments for the bank customers.

With the launch of contactless payments in the UBank app, the bank’s customers will be able to use their mobile devices for simple and secure payments wherever contactless Mastercard cards are accepted.

All of us have witnessed how consumer habits and everyday processes have changed over the past year. People still have to follow distance regulations and avoid physical contact whenever possible, which makes the case for contactless payments even more obvious.

Now, more than ever before, users prioritize safety, speed, and comfort when choosing payment instruments.

This is followed by a growing demand from customers who want to receive real-time banking services without having to visit physical branches.

Unibank Mobile (UBank) is a Unibank banking application that digitally integrates banking services into everyday interactions with consumers via smartphones. UBank optimizes the customer journey when the payment process is critical.

Recently, Pri-Num helped Unibank implement another digital feature into the app – tokenized contactless payments based on the Pri-Num NFC Issuer wallet solution powered by the Digital Enablement Platform™ . 

During this turbulent time Unibank is able to expand its range of services, increase its customer base and increase the loyalty of existing customers by implementing the latest payment technologies. UBank implemented HCE technologies, allowing issuers to digitize their cards and provide their customers with their mobile applications to make NFC payments. The solution opens more opportunities for the user and provides flexibility of additional services and interactions.

Working together with Unibank and Mastercard, Pri-Num powered the technical side of the project and provided consulting assistance to the Bank team at every stage of the project.

“We help our customers to carry out digital transformation activities and introduce modern technologies that allow for the most personalized interaction with clients, while providing security and speed of services.

Now, Unibank customers are able to enjoy the simplicity, convenience, and security of contactless payments.

Pri-Num always supports issuers and other market participants in their endeavors to provide convenient interaction and open more opportunities for customers. We do everything to ensure that each project is implemented at the highest level,” said Anastasia Zimina, COO at Pri-Num.


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