Apple Pay for VTB Bank

VTB Bank launched Apple Pay in partnership with Pri-Num, Visa and Mastercard.

Our Customer

Previously called the United Georgian Bank, VTB Bank Georgia was established as a joint stock company on April 7, 1995. The bank is located in Tbilisi and employs 1,154 people with sales in excess of USD $48 million. It has 339 companies under its corporate umbrella.

The vision

VTB Bank’s vision was to provide its customers with a personalized, secure and seamless mobile payment method that offered speed and convenience.

What we proposed

The Pri-Num team advised VTB Bank to introduce Apple Pay for the residents of Georgia. Apple Pay enables users to shop online securely and also to make contactless payments using their Apple products like the iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple Pay completely changes the dynamics of mobile payments in a market as it brings unmatched safety and convenience.

How it worked

Apple Pay can be used to make payments online or in stores. Customers are saved from the hassle of filling out long billing or payment information forms. All of the purchases are verified securely using Face ID or Touch ID. Privacy and security are an integral part of Apple Pay when using a credit or debit card to make payments. The actual card numbers are not stored on the device or on Apple’s servers. A unique device account number is assigned instead. It’s encrypted and stored securely in the Secure Element on an Apple device. Each transaction is then authorized with a one-time unique dynamic security code.

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Card networks’ support

We have worked with our partners to lay the foundation for the dynamic development of contactless solutions in Georgia. We remain confident that Apple Pay will deliver a huge boost to the utilization rate of contactless payment services in the country. Georgia is one of the leaders across the CEMEA regions in the use of contactless payments, according to Mastercard. Almost every second transaction made using a payment card in the country is contactless. 74% of smartphone users in Georgia prefer digital payment methods.

The results

Georgia was well poised to welcome Apple Pay as it’s already among the leaders of the CEMEA region in the adoption of contactless payment methods. Almost every second transaction made in the country is through the contactless method. Apple Pay has further enhanced the contactless payments infrastructure in the country, enabling both Visa and Mastercard holders to take advantage of this innovative digital wallet.

Working with Pri-Num

The Pri-Num team is glad to have played its role in bringing Apple Pay to Georgia in partnership with VTB Bank.