Garmin Pay for cardholders in BPS-Sberbank

Pri-Num helps BPS-Sberbank bring Garmin Pay service to its customers.

Our Customer

BPS-Sberbank is based in Minsk, Belarus. It has more than 2,300 employees and has over $1,69 bln USD in assets. It counts more than 1,500 companies as part of its corporate family.

The vision

BPS-Sberbank wanted to provide a fast and secure mobile payments solution to its customers. It particularly wanted to make the mobile payments process easier for customers that own Garmin devices. With Garmin Pay, it was able to meet those customers’ requirements as they could now use BPS-Sberbank cards to make contactless payments both at home and abroad.

What we proposed

Pri-Num proposed the Garmin Pay contactless payment service to BPS-Sberbank. Garmin Pay enables Garmin smartwatch owners to make payments on the go. Customers can thus make contactless payments even when they don’t have their phone with them.

How it worked

Garmin Pay’s entire premise is to enable those who live an active lifestyle to make contactless payments even when they don’t have their phone. Customers can simply make payments using the smartwatch. Garmin Pay can be used for payments at all merchants where contactless payments are accepted. BPS-Sberbank customers can easily make payments using Garmin Pay by pressing a button on their smartwatch and selecting the card that they want to make the payment with. Once the watch is brought close to the terminal the payment goes through. Password confirmation may be required for the transaction to be processed in some cases, for example, if more than 24 hours have passed since the last payment was made. These tokenized payments have been made possible by the integration of Pri-Num’s ITS platform which enables BPS-Sberbank customers to make payments using this service without storing personal data on the smartwatch and sharing it with the merchant.

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Card networks’ support

Belarus in among the leaders in the region when it comes to contactless transactions. Garmin Pay further advances the cause of modern payment technologies in the country. It unlocks contactless payments for the millions of people in Belarus that use Garmin devices to stay on top of their health and fitness.

The results

With the launch of this project, BPS-Sberbank customers have been empowered to make mobile payments using their Garmin smartwatches. It saves them an incredible amount of time since they’re now able to make quick and safe contactless payments by utilizing their BPS-Sberbank Visa card linked to Garmin Pay.

Working with Pri-Num

Pri-Num’s ITS platform has made it possible for the bank to tokenize its Visa cards, a pre-requisite to the Garmin Pay service. Pri-Num worked closely with BPS-Sberbank and Visa on this project, providing technical guidance and support throughout the entire process.