Mastercard cloud-based payments to VTB Mobile Pay

Pri-Num and VTB Bank Georgia bring Mastercard cloud-based payments to Mobile Pay.

Our Customer

VTB Bank Georgia was established as a joint stock company on April 7, 1995. It was renamed as such on December 7, 2006 as the bank was previously called the United Georgian Bank. Located in Tbilisi, Georgia, the bank is part of a group of banks and credit unions. With more than 1154 employees and sales over USD 48 million, VTB Bank Georgia also has 339 companies in its corporate family.

The vision

VTB Bank Georgia wanted to make its Mobile Pay app available to as many of its customers as possible. This required the implementation of Mastercard Cloud-Based Payments as it would allow the bank’s Mastercard cardholders to take advantage of the app just as their Visa counterparts already do. The resulting solution would allow customers to make one-tap purchases without having to carry a physical card with them.

What we proposed

Pri-Num developed a Mastercard-approved mobile contactless payment solution for the Mobile Pay app. It’s based on the Host-Card Emulation technology in compliance of the Mastercard Cloud-Based Payments service. We essentially proposed what would later become one of the first payment applications in the world to provide both Mastecard and Visa cloud-based payments.

How it worked

VTB Mobile Pay utilizes the Digital Enablement Platform developed by Pri-Num. It powers secure contactless mobile payments through this token-ready software platform. The app keeps users in full control of the payment process and it strictly complies with all international security regulations on mobile payments. Customers don’t need to hand over their phones to the cashier. They can follow along with the entire transaction process on the phone’s screen. Both Visa and Mastercard holders now benefit from this functionality of the Mobile Pay app. – Mobile Pay makes it possible for users in Georgia and CIS countries to link both Mastercard and Visa cards to a single phone pay solution for the first time. – The app’s Bump Transfer feature can be used for seamless fund transfers by simply tapping one phone against another. With VTB Mobile Pay, customers can easily pay at any contactless POS terminal with a smartphone that’s running at least Android version 4.4.

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Card networks’ support

This remarkable project is the first of its kind in Georgia, CIS countries and also one of the first in the world to offer cloud-based payments to both Mastercard and Visa cardholders, positioning Mobile Pay as a truly universal payment app.

The results

Mobile Pay allows VTB Bank Georgia’s Mastercard and Visa cardholders to make one-tap payments at POS terminals. They’re now able to upload both Mastercard and Visa cards to a single mobile payment app for the first time ever. The app eliminates the need for them to carry a physical card and also enables them to quickly transfer funds from one phone to another.

Working with Pri-Num

We believe that innovation is changing our lives for the better and we ultimately want to make VTB Mobile Pay available to as many VTB customers as possible in Georgia. Now Visa or Mastercard holders can enjoy the simplicity, safety and convenience of this mobile payment solution.

Anastasia Zimina, CGO at Pri-Num