A secure payment solution is the result of the collaboration among Pri-Num and Mastercard.

Our Customer

BPS-Sberbank is based in Minsk, Belarus. It has more than 2,300 employees and has over $1,69 bln USD in assets. It counts more than 1,500 companies as part of its corporate family.

The vision

BPS-Sberbank wanted to offer a mobile payments solution to its customers that would enable them to make secure contactless payments using their smartphones.

What we proposed

Pri-Num envisaged a new mobile app for BPS-Sberbank that would allow its customers to make payments for goods and services through smartphones. This would provide the bank’s Mastercard holders to utilize a secure payment solution for everyday transactions.

How it worked

SberPay is an innovative digital payments solution, the first of its kind in Belarus, that’s integrated with the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service. Once the app is installed and the payment cards digitized, customers only need to unlock their phone and bring it close to a payment terminal in order to complete the transaction. The app uses Mastercard tokenization technology to securely process transactions. SberPay can be used for contactless payments at any location that offers a contactless payment terminal.

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Card networks’ support

SberPay can be used for contactless payments at any merchant that has a contactless payment terminal. It’s also widely used in the Minsk metro system. It’s a very useful digital wallet both locally and abroad. Customers can also make mobile payments abroad with the only pre-requisite being the merchant accepting contactless payments.

The results

SberPay has simplified the mobile payments process for users. They just need to unlock their phone and bring it close to a contactless payments terminal. The transaction is then processed and the amount is debited from the card. All transactions are securely made through tokens.

Working with Pri-Num

Pri-Num provided a Mastercard-certified SDK that was integrated into BPS-Sberbank’s mobile app. Pri-Num also provided vital consulting services to the bank for this project.