Pri-Num and Basisbank: launch of Apple Pay for Visa cardholders

Together with Pri-Num and Visa, the Georgian bank Basisbank launched  Apple Pay for Visa cardholders.

A growing number of contactless payment users provide a demand for additional services. Banks have a need to transform and introduce new opportunities for their customers, particularly during the challenging COVID-19 times.

Apple Pay is a simple, secure, and personalized payment method that completely changes the mobile payment market, offering speed, security, and convenience.
It is based on security and privacy.
When using a credit or debit card with Apple Pay, the actual card number is not stored on the device or on Apple servers.
The card information is replaced by a Visa security system with a set of numbers (tokens), which allows bank customers to pay for purchases without fear of problems with information leakage and fraud.

After launching Apple Pay, Visa Basisbank cardholders can quickly and safely pay with their Apple devices wherever there is a contactless payment option.

Using Apple Pay on iPhone or Apple Watch, bank customers will be able to quickly and conveniently make purchases in stores, applications, and online stores, as well as in restaurants, taxis and many other places.
Apple Pay eliminates the need to fill out long forms of accounts, re-enter payment information, or carry a wallet.
When making a purchase, it can be confirmed with a single glance or touch using Face ID, Touch ID, or device password.

The ability to tokenize Visa cards for Basisbank is provided through  integration of  Pri-Num’s ITS platform modules.
Working together with Basisbank and Visa, we implemented the project on the technical side and provided advice at every stage of the project.

“In an effort to assist banks in development, we provide full technical and information support at all stages of the project. We know how important it is to help banks ensure the most personalized interaction with customers and provide a range of new services.
In this way, we support the overall movement of the financial industry towards a contactless and secure future,“ say at Pri-Num.


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