Pri-Num and BPS-Sberbank: launch of the Garmin Pay for Visa cardholders

Minsk, Belarus, June 23, 2020

On June 23, Garmin Pay contactless payment service was launched for BPS-Sberbank customers.
Working together with Pri-Num and Visa, BPS-Sberbank provided Visa cardholders with access to the Garmin Pay contactless payment service.
This will allow bank’s customers to pay using smartwatches.

Garmin Pay is a contactless payment service that turns a Garmin smartwatch into a contactless transaction device.
Users are offered a quick, safe, and convenient payment method.
This is exactly what’s needed for people who are constantly on the move and want to save time.

Now, BPS-Sberbank customers will be able to get rid of the need to always have a phone or a payment card with them.
And also to simplify, speed up, and make the payment process more comfortable, both domestically and abroad.
The contactless payment function with the help of the Garmin smartwatch becomes available wherever the terminal supports contactless payment.

In order to make an instant payment with Garmin Pay, a BPS-Sberbank client only needs to activate her watch by pressing a button, select the desired BPS-Sberbank card, and bring the watch to the terminal.
In some cases, password confirmation may be required.
For example, if more than 24 hours have passed since the last payment, the watch was taken off or the heart rate sensor was turned off.

The service is safe and provides a high level of personal data protection thanks to the tokenization technology.
And the ability to tokenize Visa cards for BPS-Sberbank is provided through the integration of ITS Pri-Num platform modules.
This integration allows you to pay Garmin Pay without storing personal data on the watch and without transferring it to the seller.

The Pri-Num team, working together with Visa and BPS-Sberbank, implemented the project, providing technical and consulting support at all stages of the project.

“According to Visa, Belarus is the second country in the number of contactless transactions in the CEMEA region, and we strive to assist our partners in the further distribution of contactless payments.
Garmin Pay opens up new opportunities not only for BPS-Sberbank cardholders but also for the increasing penetration of contactless payments.
The Pri-Num team is always enthusiastically involved in innovative projects and takes pride in every successful launch. ” — Pri-Num commented. 

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