Pri-Num and Kapital Bank: Digitizing the Customer Journey

Baku, Azerbaijan, January 16, 2020

Pri-Num, Visa and the Kapital Bank have launched contactless mobile payments for their customers in Azerbaijan.
For Pri-Num, this launch was the first successfully implemented project in the Azerbaijani financial market.

More and more users prioritize safety, speed and comfort when choosing payment instruments.
This is followed by the growing demands of customers who increasingly need to receive services from banks real-time.

The banks are facing the need to optimize the customer journey, where the payment process is particularly relevant. It becomes digital and integrates into everyday interactions with consumers via smartphones.


Issuer wallet is a solution that uses HCE technologies, allowing issuers to digitize their cards and provide their customers with their mobile applications to make NFC payments. The solution opens more opportunities for the user and provides flexibility in terms of additional services and interactions.

For the Kapital Bank, this solution covers the necessary components and functionality for the implementation of contactless payments.

BirBank contactless payment capability is powered by the DE Platform modules- a multicredential end-to-end cloud-based software solution that enables secure contactless mobile services: payments, loyalty, and tickets.
It is token-ready, supports mobile wallet application services and complies with Visa and Mastercard requirements for cloud-based payments.
Thanks to this, the Kapital Bank will enable customers to digitize cards on mobile phones through BirBank, a mobile banking application, and make the secure NFC payments.

The solution will be supported on any Android 4.4+ device with NFC module that will allow the Kapital Bank cardholders to make payments easily and securely through any POS terminal that accepts Visa PayWave.
The digital card can be obtained without visiting a bank branch, and also has 3 levels of security, which eliminates the possibility of fraudulent payments.
This solution also provides the ability to add an unlimited number of cards.

Working together with the Kapital Bank and Visa, Pri-Num helped to provide the platform modules and consulting assistance to colleagues at each stage of the project.

“We believe that banks need to transform and introduce modern technologies that will allow to organize the most personalized interaction with customers and provide an additional safe range of services,” said Grigory Roginsky, Head of Business Development, Pri-Num.

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