Pri-Num Announces Visa Ready Qualified Token
June 7, 2017

Pri-Num Announces Visa Ready Qualified Token Service Provider Status

The Pri-Num joins Visa TSP program to advance digital payments globally.

Today, Pri-Num Ltd., an award-winning United Kingdom-based digital payments and mobile wallet platform provider, has confirmed that it is now recognised as a Visa Ready Qualified Token Service Provider.
Visa Token Service (VTS) is a new type of security technology replacing sensitive account information with a unique digital identifier token which permits payments to be processed without exposing actual account details.

Enabling secure mobile transactions, Pri-Num is a trusted global partner of the world’s major banking card networks. This latest announcement solidifies the company’s reputation as being at the cutting-edge of the international financial technology (FinTech) industry for the past 4 years by becoming a go-to name for mobile payments, retail, transport, sport, and entertainment solutions.

“Innovation is at the heart of Pri-Num and it’s an honour to be named a Visa Ready Qualified Token Service Provider. Agility sets us apart in the fast-growing mobile wallets sector.
Pri-Num’s ability to successfully deploy secure wallet platform solutions capable of seamlessly integrating with future technological changes while remaining flexible to market developments is key to our stronghold in the mobile payments space.”

Expressed, Grigoriy Roginsky, Head of Business Development, Pri-Num Ltd.

With loyal customers across Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa (CEMEA), Pri-Num’s headquarters are strategically located in London, UK. It also has sales offices in California as well as a large-scale Research and Development centre of excellence with over 100 highly skilled developers in Eastern Europe. The Pri-Num software solutions allow companies to rapidly roll out branded digital wallet solutions to retain a connection with customers and deliver value added services before, during, and after transactions.

About Pri-Num: Since 2013, Pri-Num Ltd., which stands for Prime Numbers, has become a leading innovator in financial and other add-value mobile services that successfully combine international experience with local knowledge. We pride ourselves on the skilled analysis of the needs of both individual service providers and entire ecosystems.
Our world-class software, Pri-Num Mobile Wallet Platform, is a cloud-based digital enablement platform for secure contactless mobile services for Payments, Loyalty, Transport, Tickets, ID, and more.

Token-ready, we support mobile wallet application services and fully comply with the EMVCo strict security requirements.
With decades of experience at the highest levels of the Banking and Telecommunications (TELCO) industries, our team of Mobile Commerce and IT Experts lead the field in Sector Analysis, Creative Direction, Marketing, and Software Development. All of our IT Developers are Certified Java and Oracle Experts. Discover the future of multi-credential and multi-service digital wallet platforms today by visiting our website.

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