Pri-Num at UAFIN.TECH conference: new product MyDayMyPay

Kyiv, Ukraine, December 18, 2020

Pri-Num took part in the annual conference UAFIN.TECH and showcased a new product MyDayMyPay.

For the third year in a row, the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies has been organizing the UAFIN.TECH conference, where representatives of banks, fintech, investors, and leaders of the Ukrainian market exchange views and ideas about the realities and trends of the industry.

We all slightly adjusted our plans due to quarantine measures. This also affected the UAFIN.TECH conference, which was held online this year.
The conference was attended by over 2500 participants from more than 15 countries, and more than 50 speakers, including representatives of IFC, Visa, the National Bank of Ukraine, payment systems, banks, and fintech of Ukraine and Europe.
The topic of hot discussion this year was, of course, COVID, its impact, and how COVID can be turned into a catalyst for growth.

Igor Varianko, Pri-Num’s Business development manager,  presented our new product — MyDayMyPay.
We had the opportunity to speak publicly for the first time about our new development that will now be available to our customers.MyDayMyPay is a unique software product developed on the basis of the Pri-Num Push Payment Enablement Service platform using secure Visa Direct data exchange technology.

Visa Direct is a VisaNet processing capability that allows safe, convenient, real-time (30 min) funds delivery directly to financial accounts using card credentials.
With the help of our product, company employees will be able to receive part of their wages for hours that have already been submitted but not yet paid by the employer during regular paydays.
Thus, workers around the world will have early access to earnings in order to be able to meet their needs, and always have money in case of emergency.

With the help of MyDayMyPay, the employee will have fast and secure access in real-time (30 minutes) to the earned salary funds daily.
This will help reduce the financial burden, which will lead to an increase in the well-being of the population. This is the main mission of MyDayMyPay.

“The evolution of cloud solutions is accelerating the growth of Gig Economy Businesses around the world and we see a clear market need for new, fast, and secure settlement tools.
This stimulated the FinTech industry and in particular our company to seek fast and productive solutions, among which was Early Wage Access.
We are glad to present it at the UAFIN.TECH conference and are ready to share our experience with colleagues and partners in Ukraine and around the world. ” — Igor Varianko, Business Development Manager at Pri-Num.

If you are interested in a new product by Pri-Num, please contact us.

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