Frequently asked questions

What does Pri-Num stand for?

Pri-Num is short for Prime Numbers – the most mysterious mathematical entities and the basis of cryptography. As our lives and interactions move onto devices, so do our transactions and the credentials that make them possible. Pri-Num was born in 2013, of a desire to ensure that the brands we recognize and trust can implement digital transformation with the highest levels of security and scalability.

What is Pri-Num's purpose?

Our mission is to accelerate progress for the world. We rise to this challenge by providing intelligent financial technology solutions to help companies, governments, and individuals make decisions with conviction.

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What are Pri-Num's values?

Our guiding values are trust, integrity, innovation, and cultivating a creative environment in which our team is empowered to be authentic and have fun.

What industries does Pri-Num operate in?

Pri-Num currently offers versatile and secure digital enablement solutions for banking, retail, telco and sports. And we can easily extend the services across other industries or applications.

How many countries does Pri-Num operate in?

Pri-Num has a local presence in Ukraine, UK and the US, but operates globally.

Who owns Pri-Num?

Pri-Num is a privately owned business.

How was Pri-Num founded?

Pri-Num was born in 2013, when our founder Eugene Zimin put together a highly-qualified team of mathematicians, developers and mobile commerce professionals. They got to work on creating a versatile and scalable digital wallet platform, capable of securely issuing, storing, accessing and managing digital credentials.

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What does Pri-Num do?

Pri-Num is a dynamic software development company that offers comprehensive digital enablement services. Pri-Num delivers a range of integrated solutions based on the proprietary platforms and solutions, deployed onsite or cloud-hosted, that enable its customers to rapidly roll-out cutting edge secure and scalable applications.

How do I contact Pri-Num team?

You can find contact details for business inquiries, press and careers at our Contact information page.

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What jobs are available at Pri-Num?

All job openings are listed in our Careers section.

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How do I apply for a job at Pri-Num?

You can apply for any open position through its listing, which can be found via our Careers page.

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