21 days
March 16, 2022
Dear friends, partners, clients, and followers from all around the world,

For 21 days I was trying to write a post for this media space, because we just cannot pretend that after February 24th, 2022, nothing has happened. But there are no words to describe war.

For 21 days Russian Federation has been bombing, shelling, shooting peaceful Ukraine without any regard whether it is a hospital, school, or theater.

For 21 days Ukraine has been courageously fighting back.

For 21 days our Ukrainian development center has not stopped working and fulfilling all our obligations, because our frontline is in supporting our employees, our clients, our economy, and our peaceful and thriving future.

Many of you are asking how they can help.

Please consider these options:
1. Donate – support people that are defending our country. Please donate via official Ukraine accounts. See the list below.
2. Send an official note to your local government with the request to support Ukraine (NATO support, close sky over Ukraine) and ban Russia as an aggressor (block Russian business accounts, stop business with Russia as funds go to sponsor their military).
3. Ask your social network to support Ukraine and share the message.

Ukraine deserves the dignity of sovereignty and peace.


Thank you,

Anastasia Zimina


The National Bank of Ukraine Fundraising account for the Ukrainian Army:

The National Bank of Ukraine Fundraising account for Humanitarian Assistance:

“Hospitallers” – a volunteer organization of paramedics:

Charitable Foundation of Serhiy Prytula supply and respond directly to the needs of The Territorial Defense, Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard and other military units of the Ukrainian Army