Apple Pay for TBC Bank

Pri-Num assisted in the launch of Apple Pay in Georgia.

Our Customer

Founded in 1992, TBC Bank is one of the largest banks in Georgia. It’s based in Tbilisi with 5,000 employees and over USD $338 million in sales. TBC bank has 585 companies in its corporate family.

The vision

TBC Bank is on a mission to provide customers with innovative products and services. It brought Apple Pay for its customers so that they could easily make mobile payments using devices like the iPhone and the Apple Watch with utmost security.

What we proposed

Pri-Num worked with TBC Bank to introduce Apple Pay, a revolutionary digital payments and wallet service from Apple, enabling the bank’s customers to make mobile payments using their Apple devices.

How it worked

Pri-Num and TBC Bank collaborated on the Apple Pay project to offer this powerful payments solution to customers. They can now use Apple Pay to make payments online and in retail stores through their Apple devices. Apple Pay is an incredibly secure solution which doesn’t reveal the credit or debit card numbers when a payment is made. No payment information is also stored on the device or on the company’s servers. Apple Pay can be set up easily with users being able to make payments and receive rewards as they normally would with a plastic card.

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Card networks’ support

Pri-Num is proud to support the expansion of Georgia’s digital payments ecosystem. Our solutions have achieved an impressive level of penetration and usage among customers. Apple Pay will further advance the use of innovative payment solutions in the country.


Apple Pay is finally within reach for TBC Bank customers. They no longer have to carry their physical cards or even wallets with them. As long as they have their Apple smartphone or smartwatch on them, the bank’s customers can make payments through Apple Pay at all merchants that accept contactless payments. All transactions are securely processed once authenticated by the customer through Touch ID or Face ID.

Working with Pri-Num

Pri-Num actively worked with its partners to launch Apple Pay in Georgia.