m-plati, a digital wallet app

Pri-Num and Raiffeisen Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina launch a digital wallet app.

Our Customer

Based in Sarajevo, Raiffeisen Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been operating in the country since 2000. With five companies under its corporate umbrella and 1,312 local employees, the bank has generated sales in excess of $129.02 million USD.

The vision

Raiffeisen is dedicated to enriching customers’ lives by making financial transactions easier. As a leader in innovation among local banks, it has recognized the need to offer customers a highly secure contactless payments service through which payments can be made effortlessly by tapping the smartphone to a POS terminal.

What we proposed

Pri-Num collaborated with Raiffeisen to launch a digital wallet app in Bosnia and Herzegovina that leverages its contactless payments platform with bank-grade security to enable customers with a Visa card to make secure mobile payments with just a tap of their smartphone.

How it worked

m-plati is the first digital wallet app that has been developed from the ground up for users in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Available on Android smartphones only, the app has been purpose-built for secure mobile payments. It’s the first app in the region to use biometric recognition as it enables users to approve transactions by using their device’s fingerprint sensor. Pri-Num’s innovative digital support platform powers m-plati by managing the Visa Token Service (VTS) behind the scenes.

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Card networks’ support

m-plati is a convenient and secure contactless payments solution that works with all contactless-enabled POS terminals. Raiffeisen Bank customers with a Visa card are eligible to use the service on compatible Android smartphones.

The results

m-plati has the distinction of being the fastest VTS implementation in Europe and also the first to support biometric authentication for transaction authorization. Its vibrant customer base is growing rapidly in lockstep with m-plati’s expanding marketing and PR reach.

Working with Pri-Num

By being the first to provide a tokenized solution for secure mobile payments, Pri-Num and Raiffeisen Bank are leading the region’s fintech revolution together. Pri-Num takes great pride in empowering the bank’s customers in the country to make mobile payments securely and effortlessly.