End of the year results
December 30, 2020

When we talk about 2020, we immediately think about the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, and how it accelerated innovation.

This year was truly full of a variety of events and, surprisingly, achievements. Our new reality is significantly different from the previous “calm “year when we were free to leave home and travel around the country unrestricted. However, this did not make 2020 any less significant concerning the development of technologies and companies.

Pri-Num certainly did not stand still this year. We took an active part in our clients’ and partners’ projects to help society be less dependent on physical contact, cash, and circumstances. Despite the COVID-19, we had a great year. We have a list of achievements for each of our projects.

One of our team’s greatest achievements was obtaining the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS) certification. We ensured compliance with all the standard requirements. We also proved the use of an integrated approach to safeguarding the information security of payment card data.

Our partners and client banks can choose our SaaS solutions, with full confidence that our company provides a high level of security.

Another significant achievement of Pri-Num is that our company became a technology partner of UnionPay. We were the first in Ukraine and Eastern Europe to become a technological partner of the international payment system UnionPay, which opened new opportunities for the banking sector in this region.

We have started testing our UnionPay HCE solution and see a great future for this fintech partnership. With our help, our partners will have an absolute advantage over their competitors as we contribute to their development in the context of integration into the global financial system.

In 2020, we also introduced a fundamentally new innovative Mobile POS solution. We also call it R2:42 and believe that it will truly revolutionize the modern payments market. Our solution allows a Near Field Communication (NFC) Android device to accept payments using contactless cards, digital wallets and wearable devices.

We presented another revolutionary innovative fintech solution quite recently – MyDayMyPay. It is a unique software product developed based on the Pri-Num Funds Disbursement Platform using the secure data exchange Visa Direct technology.
With our product, workers worldwide will have early access to earnings to meet their needs and always have money in case of an emergency.

We are infinitely proud of the achievements in the field of cooperation with our clients and partners. During the COVID-19 pandemic, customer support was even more critical. We were happy to help banks transfer their customers to contactless and digital payments.

Pri-Num’s success story continues in Georgia. Our team is partnering with major banks to help deploy cutting edge technology-based products and services. We helped the Georgian bank Halyk Bank to launch contactless payments based on Apple Pay technology.
Many benefits are now available for Visa and Mastercard holders, including fast, secure, and convenient payments.

Pri-Num also implemented Apple Pay’s integration with Visa and Mastercard for cardholders in the largest bank in Georgia — Basis Bank. The solution is based on Pri-’Num’s Digital Enablement Platform, enabling the fast deployment of a range of digital and mobile card and transaction-based services.

We helped Georgian Credo Bank launch Apple Pay contactless payments for Mastercard holders. We also based this tech solution on Pri-’Num’s Digital Enablement Platform.
As a result, the bank’s clients no longer need to carry a bank card or wallet. Also, there is no requirement for clients to enter payment information and complete long payment forms.

This year, in cooperation with Sberbank Kazakhstan, we have also added Mastercard Digital Enablement Services (MDES) payments to the specialized payment application Sberbank Pay KZ. Now the bank’s Mastercard customers will receive a full range of services and the ability to use their smartphones to make payments wherever contactless technology is available.

After the joint implementation of Apple Pay in Belarus with BPS-Sberbank, we did not stop. We also assisted with the launch of Garmin Pay for Visa cardholders. The Pri-Num team implemented the technical aspects of this project. Now bank clients can pay quickly, safely, and conveniently using smartwatches.

In 2020, we were fortunate to realize more of the creative potential of the Pri-Num team and use it for a worthy cause.
Emerging from their creative efforts is a new direction — Pri-Num Studio which will focus on digital design services. We will say more about this new direction later.

Summing up the year 2020, we acknowledge that this year has not been easy for any of us. We all had to adapt and become accustomed to a new reality. Pri-Num was no exception to having to adjust to this new reality.

To ensure the safety of our employees and partners, we completely switched to a remote work format. To strengthen our team, we are continuously recruiting new tech specialists and do not plan to stop.
Our colleagues in the Ukrainian branch have plans of moving into a new office. They look forward to holding meetings at that new location instead of meetings online.

In all this COVID chaos, we hope our partners, clients, and colleagues are safe and in good health.
Although the Pri-Num team completely physically distanced themselves, we always sought convenient ways to remain in touch with everyone.

In summary, the Pri-Num team is pleased to congratulate everyone on the end of this infinitely long year and the upcoming 2021. This new page will bring us all more achievements, new discoveries, and innovations to ensure a better future for everyone in the fintech world.

And the Pri-Num team will continue to work hard to accomplish these goals!