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Leobank, Pri-Num now offering Google Pay/Wallet for Android customers
August 29, 2022

Pri-Num is proud to announce Leobank now offers Google Pay and Google Wallet to all customers with Android devices.
With the help of Pri-Num, Google Wallet (formerly Google Pay) payments are connected to Leobank’s mobile banking. This launch comes after several successful contactless payment technology upgrades led by Pri-Num and its clients.

The company has been a key player for enabling Apple Pay payments for Leobank, also a Unibank banking service. Most recently, Pri-Num project-led the institution’s Google Wallet service, first arriving in Azerbaijan in July of this year.

Google Wallet gives users quick access to their payment cards, passes, tickets and IDs – all from their Android devices. Whether shopping at a local store or on the go, Google Wallet makes paying with one tap simple while also managing loyalty cards and discounts.

With Google Wallet, users can buy in stores (or online) using only their Android smart device – no physical cash or credit cards required.

Leobank is a new mobile banking service established by Unibank and provides a full range of banking services, including:

– Personal account management and investment management
– Loan origination, repayment, and tracking
– Insurance products through Unibank’s partner companies

Leobank Among the First Implementations of Google Wallet in Azerbaijan

This is one of the first implementations of Google Wallet in Azerbaijan. The technology uses Pri-Num’s ITS Platform and implements the encryption, in compliance with Google Wallet’s third-party developer standards.

Pri-Num’s NFC wallet solution, Pri-Num ITS, lets banks offer customers more choices when making mobile payments by adding their cards to leading third-party wallets such as Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®. It also grants them access to built-in security features, such as Apple Pay®.

“Pri-Num is thrilled to be part of these groundbreaking projects. We wish to extend congratulations to all who contributed to ensuring that Leobank be among the first to launch Google Wallet payments.”

says Anastasia Zimina, CGO at Pri-Num

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