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Pri-Num added contactless Mastercard payments for Inecobank
May 25, 2022

With the help of Pri-Num, the Armenian bank Inecobank launched contactless payments for Mastercard cardholders.

Introduction of Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) payments is the result of successful cooperation between Pri-Num and Inecobank teams. It started in 2021 with a successful implementation of contactless Visa payments into the InecoMobile app.
With Pri-Num’s help, Inecobank was one of the first to launch Apple Pay in Armenia. Today we are delighted to announce the launch of contactless payments for Mastercard cardholders in the InecoMobile app.

InecoPay is an exclusive cashless mobile payment system in Armenia. It stands out for its simplicity and security. The system can be accessed through the InecoMobile application. Its users have the opportunity to make InecoPay non-cash payments and experience the convenience, accessibility, speed and simplicity of contactless payments.

Pri-Num supplied Pri-Num’s NFC wallet solution that is powered by Pri-Num Digital Enablement Platform™ to support MDES launch for InecoBank.
The platform is a cloud-based software that provides secure contactless mobile services, including a virtual wallet and a rewards system. Compatible with Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay it provides secure, digitally-enabled banking services.

Pri-Num provided platform modules and supported integration to MDES. The exceptional teamwork of Pri-Num and Inecobank made it possible to add value of the application, providing customers the ability to make contactless payments using their Mastercard payment cards.
Pri-Num team helped to set up issuer digitization processes and consulted and supported the Bank at all stages of the project.

“We are proud and that we were able to help Inecobank expand its service offering for clients to reaffirm the Bank’s leading position of the country’s financial market.
Now Mastercard cardholders can enjoy the simplicity, convenience and security of a mobile application that opens up all the benefits of contactless payments for them”

said at Pri-Num

Maria Movchan

About Pri-Num

Founded in 2013, Pri-Num is a global financial technology company that creates mobile-centric software solutions for banks, retailers, mobile operators, transportation networks, sports, and entertainment. Pri-Num, which stands for prime numbers, is a leading financial and mobile technology provider, offering customers secure contactless mobile services such as payments, loyalty schemes, transportation, identification credentials, tickets, authorization and access control, and many more. Our partners include top financial institutions, including VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International, and many others around the world.

About InecoBank

Founded in 1996, InecoBank is one of the leading banks in the Southern Caucasus region. InecoBank serves more than 500,000 customers a full range of banking services, including digital banking solutions to individuals, small businesses, and corporate clients. With more than 30 high-ranking international finance partners, InecoBank’s mission is to create opportunities for people to realize their goals by providing financial services in line with their needs.