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Pri-Num and VTB Georgia add Mastercard cloud-based payments to VTB Mobile Pay
June 2, 2016

Pri-Num and VTB Georgia add Mastercard cloud-based payments to VTB Mobile Pay

Pri-Num has developed and approved with Mastercard a mobile contactless solution based on the HCE (Host-Card Emulation) technology following requirements of the Mastercard Cloud-Based Payments (MCBP) for the VTB Mobile Pay application launched in October 2015.

“The reception of Mobile Pay since its launch has been positive and the service has already seen success in terms of availability and adoption by consumers.”

Said Pri-Num’s CEO Andriy Galyapa.

Remarkably, it is the first mobile payments project in Georgia and CIS countries and one of the first in the world to implement both solutions: Mastercard and Visa cloud-based payments, making Mobile Pay a truly universal payment application.

VTB Mobile Pay application is powered by PrimeKit* – a token-ready and digital enablement software platform developed by Pri-Num for secure contactless mobile services.
The VTB Mobile Pay solution complies with all international safety standards and a customer has full control over the whole payment process – a smartphone does not need to be given to the cashier as the notice of the beginning and end of a payment operation is reflected on the screen of the phone.

– For the first time in Georgia and CIS countries customers can upload Mastercard and Visa cards to a single mobile payment application;

– VTB Mobile Pay customers can use Bump Transfer – transferring funds by tapping one phone against another one with the installed application;

– Using VTB Mobile Pay consumers can immediately pay with their Android NFC smartphones (version 4.4 or later) at any contactless POS terminal by simply waving the mobile phone in front of it.

Now VTB customers can make one-touch purchases without having to worry about whether they have taken with a bank card or not and can easily transfer funds from one phone to another.

We believe that innovation is changing our lives for the better and we ultimately want to make VTB Mobile Pay available to as many VTB customers as possible in Georgia. Now Visa or Mastercard holders can enjoy the simplicity, safety and convenience of this mobile payment solution.

Pri-Num’s Head of Project Management Grigoriy Roginsky

1. PrimeKit  — as of 2017, Digital Enablement Platform


Maria Movchan

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