Pri-Num: another year of success!
December 27, 2019

Innovation is the heart and soul of Pri-Num, and in 2019 our team rallied to bring exciting developments and lead the way in contactless payments. This year was full of notable events and fantastic achievements, advancing the company to the top of digital enablement innovators.

One of the greatest achievements was receiving a Mastercard’s stamp of approval for the Pri-Num’s mobile payments application SDK. This certification means that the company’s customers can reach the market with their mobile payment applications much quicker and securely than if they were developing and certifying their own MPAs.

Partnering with Sberbank Kazakhstan, this year Pri-Num successfully introduced QR payments in the Mega Shopping Mall. Today, the largest Kazakh shopping mall chain can boast about more than a quality shopping experience for its customers. The mall now also offers shoppers a streamlined process of paying via QR code on their app, for quick and convenient payments.

Furthermore, we are also proud to be a part of a big international project: launching Apple Pay in Georgia. TBC Bank and VTB Bank were the first to implement this solution in the country, and Pri-Num was tasked with the project’s technical implementation, cooperating with the banks. Now, their customers can enjoy an innovative Apple mobile wallet as a simple and secure payment method.

Also, our company was happy to contribute to the emergence and development of new payment technologies in Belarus. We did this by cooperating with the BPS-Sberbank, which became the first bank to launch Apple Pay in the country. It was a major breakthrough not only for the region but for the entire contactless payment industry.

Pri-Num offers innovative and secure digital solutions and works seamlessly with any payment scheme and/or mobile technology. This year, we proudly introduced Tap the phone POS platform, a software solution that meets the POS application requirements for mobile devices and allows smartphones with NFC on OS Android to accept payments from contactless cards, digital wallets and wearables.

Through our platform, merchants will be able to accept contactless payments directly on their smartphones, turning phones or tablets into pocket-sized POS terminals without any dongles. Our technology works with all types of EMV-based contactless cards, digital wallets, and wearables. This technology is fast, secure and converts purchases into a convenient one-click proces.

Summing up, 2019 was a deeply productive year, filled with extraordinary accomplishments and prominent launches. The Pri-Num team, comprised of digital enablement innovators of all spheres, is to recognize for all these achievements.

Next year, we are planning to hold our leading position in the fintech world, developing and introducing new solutions and opportunities for our customers and helping them grow.

Thank you and let’s toast for 2020!