Pri-Num completed end-to-end testing of our UnionPay solution
August 11, 2021

After a long and arduous 3 months, we are proud to announce that we have successfully completed an official testing process of our UnionPay solution and our clients will be able to support tokenization of the UnionPay cards in their digital wallets.

Previously, Pri-Num received the status of a partner, the first in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and now we can offer our clients the implementation of a complete digital payment solution that meets all the requirements of the international payment system UnionPay.

To achieve this, the Pri-Num team ensured documentation compliance, developed a new integration module as a part of  the Pri-Num Digital Enablement Platform, Pri-Num UPI SDK and has successfully completed a range of the UnionPay test cases.

Our cooperation with the international payment system UnionPay is an important step in promoting innovative technologies in Ukraine and throughout the region. Convenience and new opportunities await not only the banking sector but retail and small to medium-sized businesses as well.

The testing process is not always easy, but as a result we are delighted to offer our clients a solution that supports NFC/HCE mobile contactless payments with UnionPay International digital cards and access to all the technological advantages of UnionPay and its scale.

“Now that we have successfully completed testing and received the status of a certified technology partner of UnionPay, implementing solutions for our customers, we will help them access UPI’s global ecosystem of innovative payments for their business”.

Said Anastasia Zimina, COO at Pri-Num.

Maria Movchan

About UnionPay

UnionPay International (“UPI”​) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China UnionPay, established in Nov 2012. UPI is a bankcard association established under the approval of the State Council and the People’s Bank of China, and has become a central and pivotal part of China’s bankcard industry. In partnership with more than 2000 institutions worldwide, UPI has enabled card acceptance in 174 countries and regions with issuance in 55 countries and regions.

About Pri-Num

Founded in 2013, Pri-Num is a global financial technology company that creates mobile-centric software solutions for banks, retailers, mobile operators, transportation networks, sports, and entertainment. Pri-Num, which stands for prime numbers, is a leading financial and mobile technology provider, offering customers secure contactless mobile services such as payments, loyalty schemes, transportation, identification credentials, tickets, authorization and access control, and many more. Our partners include top financial institutions, including VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International, and many others around the world.