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Pri-Num implements first Google Pay/Wallet connections in Azerbaijan with Unibank
August 24, 2022

Pri-Num has become the first tokenization service provider in Azerbaijan to successfully implement Google Pay connectivity with Unibank.
Google Pay is a Google payment service available worldwide allowing bank customers to complete contactless payments without having to carry cash or credit cards. Pri-Num partnered with Unibank to offer the first fully-established Google Wallet connections for Azerbaijan Android customers.

Google Wallet services came to Azerbaijan in July of this year thanks to initiatives led by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. The institution continues to promote financial inclusion and increase the availability of financial services across the country.

Last year, Pri-Num launched Apple Pay contactless payments in Azerbaijan. The firm also participated in early deployments with flagship banks Unibank and Leobank. Now, these services are available for Google and Android users.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform developed by Google to make payments through smartphones, watches, and other smart devices. It launched on September 10, 2015 in the United States under the name Android Pay, later changing the name to Google Pay. At the Google I/O 2022 presentation in May, leaders changed the name to Google Wallet.

The service allows users to store payment cards for use with Google Pay and make online purchases using credit or debit cards stored within an app or on file with a qualifying bank. The service also supports loyalty programs such as gift card balances issued by merchants directly within its interface (known as “Google Offers”), providing its users redemption options for participating merchants beyond traditional credit card services.

Solution for Unibank

Unibank is one of the largest private banks in Azerbaijan. The bank was established as a result of a merger between two private local banks. It has operated in the market for more than 13 years.

Pri-Num Project-managed Technical Implementation and Data Encryption, in accordance with Google Wallet Requirements.

Using private keys, the technology generates encrypted data separately for Visa and Mastercard payment systems. Pri-Num sends this data to mobile applications, transfers the data to Google Wallet, and its ITS Platform creates and maintains the tokens.

Using Google Wallet, Unibank customers will be able to pay with one click wherever Google Pay is accepted using their Android device.

“We are proud industry pioneers and are committed to helping our clients be among the first to implement advanced technologies,” says Anastasia Zimina, CGO at Pri-Num. “We are grateful for the opportunity to help Unibank be one of the first to implement Google Wallet technology. We hope that this will serve as an example and a catalyst for other representatives of the banking system and technology to gain more and more momentum.”

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About UniBank

UniBank is one of the largest private banks in Azerbaijan; the bank was established as a result of the merger of two private local banks and has been presented in the market for more than 13 years. UniBank occupies the leading positions in the key banking areas as well as in terms of its growth rate. EBRD is a shareholder in Unibank, and a shareholding agreement has been also signed with DEG of Germany. The bank cooperates actively with international finance institutions, with the aggregate amount of credit facilities received from IFIs being about $20 million. In 2005, UniBank was declared the Bank of the Year in Azerbaijan by “The Banker” magazine, and the Best Bank in Azerbaijan by Euromoney magazine.

About Pri-Num

Founded in 2013, Pri-Num is a global financial technology company that creates mobile-centric software solutions for banks, retailers, mobile operators, transportation networks, sports, and entertainment. Pri-Num, which stands for prime numbers, is a leading financial and mobile technology provider, offering customers secure contactless mobile services such as payments, loyalty schemes, transportation, identification credentials, tickets, authorization and access control, and many more. Our partners include top financial institutions, including VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International, and many others around the world.