Pri-Num launches dynamic card art for contactless payments.
September 20, 2022

Pri-Num creates a token design art feature for Unibank customers.

Pri-Num successfully released functionality that lets users choose their card designs in OEM wallets/payment apps. The technology made it easy for customers to access their own accounts and payment options with just a tap at any point of sale. Now, the release of this digital payment solution includes fun design interactivity for customers.

This feature launch helps financial institutions achieve their objective to create a digital ecosystem that makes customers’ more convenient and enjoyable.

About Unibank 

Unibank is one of the largest private banks in Azerbaijan. The bank has been around for more than 13 years after the merger of two private local banks. 

Unibank began working with Pri-Num in the fall of 2019 to develop and release a suite of cutting-edge mobile banking solutions for their customers.

Pri-Num brings together decades of experience in contactless payment technology, digital transformation, and improved customer experiences.

Thanks to Pri-Num’s implementation, banks can give their customers the option to choose a card design from pre-approved lists displayed in a virtual gallery. This payment systems upgrade comes as part of the bank’s digital card services.

Using Pri-Num ITS Platform, payment systems APIs can update the soft token designs, including images and fonts. Additionally, Pri-Num’s ITS Platform maintains an API that allows customers to access a list of available card designs and select one of them, automatically updating both the existing tokens’ artwork and any future tokens created for that card. Lastly, the API will allow banks’ staff members to collect all available designs, choose one, and add it to their database (for example, when creating new cards).

Pri-Num treats creative projects with great care and is happy to help banks realize their technological aspirations. This is especially true of changes that involve groundbreaking client personalization, states Anastasia Zimina, CGO at Pri-Num. And we are glad that Unibank customers will now be able to use their cards with an updated design – designs they get to choose for themselves. It is definitely a fun feature to offer your customers and makes the payment process just a bit more exciting.

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