Pri-Num made Apple Pay available to Leobank
December 9, 2021

Pri-Num, a global fintech firm that creates software solutions for banks, retail, and transportation companies, is pleased to share that customers of Leobank in Azerbaijan can now use Apple Pay. 

In partnership with Unibank, Pri-Num has enabled the Leobank app to offer users Apple Pay. This technology will open up new opportunities for Leobank users that want contactless payment options, offering speed, security, and convenience. Leobank is a new mobile banking service from Unibank that provides a full range of services and a multifunctional mobile app that makes managing your finances incredibly convenient. 

With Apple Pay, you can make purchases on the Internet, pay for purchases in stores, and buy through applications using the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Instant payments can be made wherever contactless payment technology is supported. Leobank users only need an Apple device to complete the transaction. 

“Apple Pay is becoming a requirement for any modern digital banking institution. We’re happy to help our partner Unibank provide more digital services that give more people access to this payment service.”

Said Anastasia Zimina, Chief Growth Officer at Pri-Num.

Apple Pay payment security is powered by Visa security tokens, meaning that the actual card number is not stored on the device or on Apple servers and is not transmitted to the seller. This is possible because these cards are replaced by a Visa token security system that allows users to make payments without fear of fraud or their information being stolen.

Pri-Num’s robust ITS platform ensures that Leobank users will be able to safely and securely use Apple Pay. Pri-Num ITS enables your business to easily tokenize and provision your card portfolio into third-party wallets, unify token lifecycle management, and simplify your operations.

Pri-Num is thrilled to partner with Unibank to provide Leobank users Apple Pay, which we believe will significantly expand the capabilities of the bank and its clients.

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Maria Movchan

About Pri-Num

Founded in 2013, Pri-Num is a global financial technology company that creates mobile-centric software solutions for banks, retailers, mobile operators, transportation networks, sports, and entertainment. Pri-Num, which stands for prime numbers, is a leading financial and mobile technology provider, offering customers secure contactless mobile services such as payments, loyalty schemes, transportation, identification credentials, tickets, authorization and access control, and many more. Our partners include top financial institutions, including VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International, and many others around the world.

About Unibank

UniBank is one of the largest private banks in Azerbaijan; the bank was established as a result of the merger of two private local banks and has been presented in the market for more than 13 years. UniBank occupies the leading positions in the key banking areas as well as in terms of its growth rate. EBRD is a shareholder in Unibank, and a shareholding agreement has been also signed with DEG of Germany. The bank cooperates actively with international finance institutions, with the aggregate amount of credit facilities received from IFIs being about $20 million. In 2005, UniBank was declared the Bank of the Year in Azerbaijan by “The Banker” magazine, and the Best Bank in Azerbaijan by Euromoney magazine.

About Leobank 

Leobank is a new mobile banking service from Unibank that provides a full range of banking services, and an innovative multifunctional mobile application makes managing your finances incredibly convenient. Leobank’s products target today’s digital customers and will be brought to market through a new marketing strategy.