Pri-Num partners with Sberbank to introduce QR payments on Mega’s Shopping Mobile App
July 30, 2019

Partnering with Sberbank Kazakhstan, Pri-Num has successfully introduced QR payments into the Mega shopping mobile app.

The Mega Shopping Mall chain is the largest in Kazakhstan boasting not only a quality shopping experience for its customers in their malls, but now also affords them the streamlined process of paying via QR code on their app.

It is no surprise that Sberbank has chosen to work with Pri-Num again, after the successful development of the Sberbank Pay KZ application. This latest partnership promises to provide the Mega Shopping Mall’s customers a world-class QR payment functionality.

This easy and safe payment solution is powered by Visa Token Services and Scan-to-Pay technology. It is easily installed by downloading the Mega shopping app, and the payment option allows customers to pay by scanning a QR code from their smart phone with a few simple taps. Essentially any phone with a camera is enabled to make payments.

Customers can rest assured as the payment app uses tokenization technology that permits NFC-enabled payment to be processed without exposing the client’s sensitive account information. The Visa QR payments are digitally encrypted and require authentication and approval to be completed.

The benefits of mobile payments for merchants are well documented. They have been shown to result in increased revenue growth as they increase customer engagement with a brand. As the world moves to more streamlined, digital shopping experiences, they enable merchants to stay in step with the behavioural shifts of their customers.

Additionally, the technology enables merchants to receive payments from anywhere. This means they are no longer limited to engaging customers who are in their physical stores, but are able to reach a wider audience.

Finally, merchants within the Mall will benefit from the Visa brand association as it gives customers peace of mind that their data and transactions are completely secured.