PRI-NUM’s own mobile payment application SDK gets Mastercard’s stamp of approval
June 21, 2019

After a lengthy certification process, Mastercard has given Pri-Num’s mobile payments application (MPA) Software Development Kit (SDK) its stamp of approval, paving the way for Pri-Num’s clients to adopt it for their own use.

This certification means Pri-Num’s customers can go to market with its mobile payments applications much quicker than if they were to develop and certify their own MPAs.

In addition to a quicker time to market, clients are able to focus their effort on creating a compelling user experience for their brand. The Pri-Num’s SDK requires that only the wallet User Interface (UI) be designed and customised. This results in more time and effort being dedicated to the client’s needs rather than having to set up a complicated SDK to begin with.

Being Mastercard-certified comes with its own functional and security benefits. The SDK has successfully completed functional testing at a Mastercard accredited lab as well as a security evaluation at an independent and experienced security lab. This certification gives Pri-Num clients absolute peace of mind when it comes to the security of their mobile payments application.

“We have put lots of resources and many hours into this certification. We spent close to six months honing our product and can proudly say that we have passed all the necessary certification steps. The evaluation process was very vigorous, but we can now offer a technically enhanced product for our customers. It is much easier to implement and can be used for standalone application development, as well as integration into existing mobile banking applications.”

Alexey Lagoshin, Pri-Num’s head architect says.