Top 50 influential women in Ukrainian fintech. We made it!
March 18, 2021

Anastasia Zimina, a member of our team, was included in the list of the most influential women in Ukrainian fintech, which was compiled by the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies.

Business and fintech are often championed as a superb way to learn the power of teamwork, commitment, goal setting, pushing your limits and perseverance. Top 50 Most Powerful Women in UA Fintech is an excellent example of those skills in action. It’s not easy to pave the way for future generations, battle gender opportunity and lead your team to new heights all at the same time. But easy, is not something the women on this list would be interested in.

UAFIC conducted a selection among women who work in banks and non-banking institutions, payment companies, start-ups and the public sector.

From an extensive pool of candidates, 292 in total, only 123 applications were selected.

After another rigoselection stage TOP 50 most influential women who are shaping the modern financial services industry and confidently leading it into the future.

Covid-19 impacted businesses severely and has left a lasting mark on our lives. But Top 50 Most Powerful Women in UA Fintech honorees found ways to lead, innovate and raise the bar for their teams at a time when it was needed most. Many of these remarkable women — including our own COO, Anastasia Zimina, are game-changers by any measure who show up and deliver results, no matter the circumstances.

These power players displayed greatness and grace, leading the way in a year filled with uncertainty.

Keep it up!


Maria Movchan

About Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovation Companies

The Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies is an NGO that develops the FinTech ecosystem and increases the level of financial inclusion in Ukraine. Today UAFIC has more than 50 members. UAFIC is an organizer of the largest FinTech conference in Ukraine UAFin.Tech. The Association was founded in June 2018.

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