Unlocking new sales opportunities with Software-based mobile POS
May 17, 2020

It’s the dawn of a new decade.
Recent trends around the globe keep giving us reasons to consider smarter and mobile solutions in business and lifestyle.
Ultimately, technology is helping businesses devise more innovative ways to connect customers and deliver value on product/service purchased.

R:4: is one example of innovative business solutions that help individuals and businesses accept payments on their phones, without any hardware complexity. 

It’s simple. R:4: is not your regular mobile app. It is an all-intelligent, all- mobile POS system that will empower smart retailers and small business owners to complete transactions-all on their phone and boost their in-store experience.

Here’s How R:4: Is Changing Payment Process For Businesses & Entrepreneurs

A Better Customer Experience – The R:4: Mobile POS improves customer experience by replacing slow payment systems that delay customers with a faster and seamless system. With R:4, you can bid farewell to those annoying, time-consuming queues and enable quick and effective payment services that will guarantee optimal customer satisfaction.  

Business Mobility: Today’s entrepreneurs understand the significance of being mobile in a competitive industry.
The ability to accept payments on the R:4: POS app anywhere business pops up is a big win for businesses. 

Operational Flexibility in Events & Services: Can your regular POS handle the surge at events? Of course, that is no time for cash.
A simple Mobile POS like R:4: that is cost-efficient and easier to setup can be a lifesaver when there’s a rush. And that’s not all; within a short time, you can integrate this software with existing systems, including your receipt reader. 

Non-stop Sales. Accept all Payments on your Phone

Thanks to technology, customer experience is changing speedily.
Nothing beats the sophistication of accepting cards, digital wallets, QR payments, Apple, Google, Samsung, and other device payments on your phone.
You could be on the move, in traffic, or right in your store and still be on top of business transactions. What’s more?
The speed and convenience of getting everything done on a device that is as small as your smartphone can come in handy if you are in a place where you can only carry a few things. 

There’s a limit to the business possibilities when you expect customers to carry cash or when your POS hardware fails to process transactions.
R:4: helps businesses and vendors surmount these operational obstacles with a simple payment app. This means you will never have to lose sales to competitors when the odds are hinged on faster payments.

Secure, Seamless & Faster

Add more value to your retail store and get rid of the unnecessarily long line at the check out counter.
Now, you can stay on top of payments via your mobile devices and wireless POS peripherals.
Our R:4 mobile POS system allows you to upgrade your customer service experience by enabling a faster and secure checkout process.
It doesn’t end there; you can also leverage the benefits of this software and its suite of features to facilitate quick and efficient payment anywhere there is internet connection. 
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