Our story

In 2012, while on holiday far from his home in Kyiv, Ukraine, serial technology entrepreneur Eugene Zimin had the all–to–frequent misfortune of having his personal belongings stolen – money, cards, passport, tickets…. But he had kept his phone on him. After several hours of intensely negotiating his identity with banks, airlines, consulate and the front desk, he finally managed to get on with his travels.

On his journey back home, he recalled the ordeal and began to think that having all the credentials he needed on the phone, able to access them from anywhere, anytime, securely, would have been a blessing…

As our lives and interactions move onto the smartphones we hold with us at all times, so do our transactions and so must the credentials that make them possible. Pri-Num was born in June 2013 of a desire to ensure that the brands we recognise and trust can do this with security and scalability.

Following a conversation on the role of Prime Numbers – the most mysterious mathematical entities and the basis of cryptography – in ensuring the security of digital credentials and transactions, and hence minimizing fraud, Eugene put together a highly-qualified team of mathematicians, developers and mobile commerce professionals. They got to work on creating a versatile and scalable digital wallet platform, capable of securely issuing, storing, accessing and managing digital credentials – Digital Enablement Platform.