QR payments in the Mega shopping app

Pri-Num successfully integrated QR payments into the Mega Shoping Mall app in partnership with Sberbank Kazakhstan.

Our Customer

Previously known as Texakabank, Sberbank Kazakhstan has been a subsidiary of the Sberbank Group since 2006. It has the second largest asset base in the country with more than 100 structual subdivisions in its network which include 17 branches. The bank has its headquarters in Almaty. The bank’s 3,940 employees serve 1.4 million customers and manage the 2.2 trillion in assets that make up its portfolio.

The vision

Sberbank Kazakhstan wanted to work with Pri-Num to provide Mega Shopping Mall customers with a robust QR payments functionality with a simplified in-app QR code payment process. The Mega Shopping Mall chain is the largest in the country. It delivers a world-class shopping experience in its malls. The vision of providing a QR payment option ties in with the chain’s aim to elevate the customer experience.

What we proposed

Pri-Num’s proposed a simple and secure implementation for QR payments in the app based on the Visa Token Services and Scan to Pay technology. Customers can easily make payments via QR codes using their smartphone. The code is scanned using the device’s primary camera and the payment is instantly made through the Sberbank Online mobile app, Sberbank Pay or Mega Plus (for purchases made in Mega Shopping and Entertainment Center network).

How it worked

Pri-Num collaborated with Sberbank Kazakhstan to successfully integrate QR Payments in the Mega Shopping app. The secure and rapid QR payments are powered by the Visa Token Services and Scan to Pay technology. Customers can easily make payments by simply scanning a QR code using their smartphone. They can essentially use any smartphone with a camera to make the payment. For enhanced security, the app uses tokenization technology that allows NFC-based payments to be processed without revealing the customer’s sensitive account information. All Visa QR payments are encrypted digitally and require authentication and approval to be completed.

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Card networks’ support

As customers become more accustomed to digital shopping, their reliance on mobile payment solutions increases. Merchants thus have to keep up with the change in customers’ preferences, hence the need for them to provide flexible payment options that include QR codes. The added benefit for merchants is that they can receive payments from anywhere. This allows them to tap into a customer base that’s far greater than the footfall in their retail outlets. Merchants that are a part of the Mega Shopping Mall also benefit from association with the Visa brand that inspires confidence in customers that their payment information and data will be completely secured.

The results

Merchants in the Mega Shopping Mall have greatly benefitted from the increase in revenue and customer engagement made possible by mobile payments. Customers are able to easily access this new payment method by downloading the Mega shopping app. They’re then able to make payments with just a few simple taps.

Working with Pri-Num

Sberbank chose to work with Pri-Num once again after the successful development of the Sberbank Pay KZ app. We helped our partner bring world-class QR payments functionality to the Mega Shopping Mall app.